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  • Improve cards support - more autodetected cards, easy to use.(btw, is there any new hardware unsupported in v4l?) I think now v4l hardware will be slowly withdrawn, so we should not have much problems with support.
  • Get rid of dvb code when it will be merged into kernel. Make users use dvb cvs/kernel dvb code instead of v4l (remove cx88-dvb.c, saa7134-dvb mt352.[ch], or51132.[ch], cx22702.[ch], video-buf-dvb.[ch])
  • Implement alsa support instead of oss for DMA sound.
  • Improve user documentation. It would be nice to have step-by-step description of installation process of saa7134 or cx88 or bttv-based card with translations and small notes for every card we know with links to general installation instructions.
  • Use irc to help users solve their problems. I've sent a request to about registration of v4l group. while we are waiting for answer, we can just join #v4l channel on freenode and discuss problems there.
  • Organize automatic snapshot testing.
  • gpio and eeprom detection for saa7134
  • Automatically detect tvnorm: allow driver scan for sound carrier and detect needed standard, set it in tuner (and other clients) and report it. That's probably easy in saa7134 but less easy in cx88 and I can't see if it's possible for bttv.