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Tai-Hui, Inc. is (was?) a chip design company. E3C Technologies is a brand name used by Tai-Hui.

Chip Application
EC168 USB controller and DVB-T demodulator
EC188 PCI controller and DVB-T demodulator
EC100 DVB-T demodulator

Specs of those chips would be very much appreciated.

Currently (2009-04-29) their website http://www.e3ctech.com/ is redirected to a webmail interface of Myson Century, Inc..

So it seems that they've either been acquired by Myson or simply went broke. Nonetheless a lot of cheap devices based on the EC168 are still sold.

The only trace of E3C Tech is the Google cache:

Established in 2004, Tai-Hui provides total solutions to digital TV for the PC and portable device market. Our vision is to create technology for the 21st century that brings together the three dimensions of Consumer, Computer, and Communication.

Tai-Hui's current offering are EC168, EC188 and EC100. EC168 is a USB controller with a DVB-T demodulator while EC188 is a PCI controller with a DVB-T demodulator.