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I think the link to the v4l tarball is wrong. It gives you the dvb-apps, but you want the v4l code. I think the right link is:

"The latest developtment version of the driver" - Which version? It's still needed? The patch from Alberto Reguero is 1 year old.

If your distro (e.g. openSUSE 11.2) has the usbhid driver compiled inside the kernel (not as a module) you need to pass the quirk parameter in the boot command line. Edit /boot/grub/menu.lst to contain "usbhid.quirks=0x07ca:0xa815:0x04" at the end of the line with the kernel to load. If your system has a /etc/sysconfig/bootloader file you can make these changes permanent between kernel updates by appending the quirks string to the DEFAULT_APPEND variable.