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After spending some days trying to compile and compile without any success, my conclusion is: I need some help to make "AVerMedia AVerTV HD Express A918R" working in linux.
= Investigations =
== * step 1 ==
What I tried is to tweak ''''dvb-usb-ids.h'''' file so that the A918R card (Id=0x'''0918''') is seen as default AFATECH_AF9015_9015 (Id=0x9015):
/* #define USB_PID_AFATECH_AF9015_9015 0x9015 */
#define USB_PID_AFATECH_AF9015_9015 0x0918
If this works, the conlusion would be that there is no special tweaks necessary for card A918R, which could be then added to files '''dvb-usb-ids.h''' and '''af9015.c''' files for next updates.
I also tried to add this line to '''/etc/modprobe.conf''':
alias usb:v07CAp0918d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip* dvb-usb-af9015
but no luck.
== * step 2 ==
Tried compilation from hg_clone or media_build, but got this error I could not solved:
# make
make -C /home/share/DVB/hg_clone/media_build/v4l
make[1]: entrant dans le répertoire « /home/share/DVB/hg_clone/media_build/v4l »
perl scripts/make_config_compat.pl /lib/modules/3.5.0-21-generic/build ./.myconfig ./config-compat.h
'''Usb headers not found''' at scripts/make_config_compat.pl line 239.
make[1]: *** [config-compat.h] Erreur 2
Then tried to from linux source 3.5.0, using kernel 3.5.0-21-generic, after modification of following kernel media files:
#define USB_PID_AVERMEDIA_A918R 0x0918
enum af9015_usb_table_entry {
[AVERTV_A918R] = {
.devices = {
.name = "AVerMedia AVerTV HD Express A918R",
.cold_ids = {
# modprobe dvb-usb-af9015 -v
insmod /lib/modules/3.5.0-21-generic/kernel/drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/dvb-usb.ko
ERROR: could not insert 'dvb_usb_af9015': '''Exec format error'''
# file dvb-usb-af9015.ko
dvb-usb-af9015.ko: ELF 32-bit LSB relocatable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV),
BuildID[sha1]=0xdd8f226ff1ef165ce8f099889940955310be6e02, not stripped
# dmesg
kernel [ 6346.104417] dvb_usb: disagrees about version of symbol module_layout
=> no idea how to solve "ERROR: could not insert 'dvb_usb_af9015': Exec format error"
If someone knows how to make some further test, please advise !
If someone else can propose a 'dvb-usb-af9015.ko' module for test, he is welcome !

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