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Kodicom 8800R - info to aid in creating a separate Wiki page for it

There has been a query on the page about the Kodicom 8800R that was posted as a new section with the title Question which was not appropriate. Since the Kodicom 8800/8800R is a card not currently supported on Linux I am posting the question in a more appropriate forum, this discussion page. The question was as follows:

I have a Kodicom 8800R, which has 8 separate controllers, with 8 composite video inputs.
I don't know if it has a 'master/slave' relationship, but I know using the same settings 
for the 4400R card doesn't work.  How do I go about debugging this/making it work? 

Since I do not have one of these cards I cannot know for sure how it works but I know enough about it to know that the operation of this card is very different from the Kodicom 4400R/4400. The card has 8 video capture chips and does not appear to multiplex them to get more than 8 channels. Therefore the thing to try with this card is to define it as 8 single channel cards to the bttv driver. To initialise it try:

modprobe bttv gbuffers=16 card=102,102,102,102,102,102,102,102

If that does not appear to work then it is worth trying to use different single channel capture only cards that use a different Mux input. A good picture high resolution picture of the card would be useful for this.

Once we have trashed out the details here we can create a new page for the Kodicom 8800R on this wiki and close down the discussion here.

-- Conor Downey 1 November 2005