TechniSat AirStar-HD5000-USB

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An ATSC USB device by TechniSat, but marketed in the U.S. by the associate company BBTI.

TechniSat never listed this device on their own website's product pages. Rather, one finds information about these ATSC devices strictly on the BBTI website (TechniSat's source for North American sales and distribution).

Previous ATSC products manufactured by TechniSat but marketed by BBTI retained the naming scheme given to them by their original reference device designer, B2C2; as opposed to being marketed by way of TechinSat's "*Stars" product lineup nomenclature. With the HD5000 products, BBTI has evidently now adopted the TechniSat convention into part of the device names.

This device features a USB 2.0 interface.

Currently not supported. Although, given that it should be identical, or near identical, to its AirStar-HD5000-PCI counterpart, adding support for this device should not be difficult. If you have such a device, and would like to see it supported, please inquire about it on the mailing list.

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