TechniSat CableStar 2 PCI / Cable4PC PCI

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A DVB-C PCI card produced by TechniSat.

The original B2C2 reference design of the card was known as the "Cable4PC PCI". As part of TechniSat's DVB PC TV Stars products lineup, the card was given the name "CableStar 2 TV PCI" . Strangely, TechniSat has since dropped the "TV" part from the name on its English website for both their AirStar and CableStar PCI cards, but retains it in their SkyStar PCI card's name. Whereas, on the German webpages, the "TV" moniker remains in names of all of these same devices. The "*Star" USB devices, for their part, share a consistent naming basis across both websites, whereby both the "2" & "TV" are omitted from the respective USB device name.

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