TechniSat SkyStar S2

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TechniSat SkyStar S2 Card

A FTA PCI DVB-S2 card from TechniSat.

Components Used

  • PCI Bridge: FlexCop II B
  • Demodulator: CX24120-13Z
  • Tuner: CX24118A
  • LNB: ISL6421


There is a patch for the s2-liplianin driver that adds support for the SkyStar S2. Instructions (german) can be found here:

The patch can be extracted from the file and applied directly to the mainline linux source. Works pretty well then.

No support for 8PSK 3/4. To support the need to replace the crystal oscillator of 45 MHz to 66,667 MHz

[Update 2014/04/22] With the latest patch / driver everything is working fine. Also for 8PSK 3/4 no hardware upgrade is needed. The driver from Custler with latest adaption for 3.10 - 3.13 by Ducky ([[1]])

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