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This is a list of users who own this particular device and their contact information. If there is more than one revision and/or USB ID, please list which one exactly you have. You can have multiple letters. The letters mean the following:

T=Tester. Can test patches for this device and test the device in general.
R=Remote. System with this device attached available for developers using SSH.
B=Borrow. Willing to let a developer borrow their device.
S=Seller. Willing to sell (well below market price) or donate this device to a developer. (want full price? go to ebay, not here)
I=Images. Can take photographs of this device. (please do and put them on this wiki!)
P=Programmer. Can create or tweak patches/support, if the required documentation is available.

If you can't (or are not willing to) do any of these things, there's probably not much of a point in adding your name to the list. Example user line:

TBI [[User:Username|Username]] I have revision 2. Mail me at username@linuxtv.exa.

This user can test (T), is willing to let a developer borrow his/her device (B) and can take photographs (I).