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Info from the old DVB USB page. DO NOT ADD TO THIS PAGE! The info is to be removed and added to the appropriate sections.

TechnoTrend Budget USB1.1 (DVB-S/T/C)

All devices below are fully supported by the LinuxTV driver. The following drivers are needed for these devices:

 - dvb-ttusb-budget.ko
 - stv0299.ko
 - tda8083.ko
 - cx22700.ko
 - tda1004x.ko
 - ves1820.ko

These frontend(s)/demodulator(s) can be found in various revisions of this device:

 - STMicroelectronics STV0299
 - Philips TDA8083
 - Conexant CX22700
 - Philips TDA10046
 - VLSI VES1820
Device / Model Type Hardware Firmware URL / Pictures
Comments & quirks
Satelco USB-Box DVB-S/T/C USB1.1 Philips TDA10046 dvb-fe-tda10046.fw [1]
TechnoTrend TT-PCline USB family DVB-S/T/C USB1.1 Philips TDA10046 dvb-fe-tda10046.fw [2]