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A dual-tuner DVB-T PCIe card sold by TerraTec. This card is not currently supported by LinuxTV drivers.

This is technically a very interesting card. According to this mailing list post, the hardware is as follows:

  • Tuner #1: THOMSON DTT 75202A (with RF connector)
  • Tuner #2: THOMSON DTT 75207 (with pin RF input)
  • Demodulators: 2x MICRONAS DRX 3975D
  • PCI Express x1 Bridge: MICRONAS APB 7202A


Under Windows it performs well, however the two software programs provided are not intuitive, and are not as good as gbtv which also supports this card.

For Linux support:
It was reported in early 2006 that TerraTec were working on a Linux driver, with the first beta version expected to have been released in week 12. However, later inquiries to TerraTec (circa 29-5-06) in regards to the status of their driver development were met with responses that no Linux drivers were being developed! In a strange twist, it has now (June 2007) come to light that someone at TerraTec did indeed develop some drivers for this card back in April 2006 (see this mailing list post for details).

It would be nice if LinuxTV could provide its own drivers, but there are several roadblocks in the way. If you are eager to aide such development, then it might be helpful to send an email to TerraTec (briefkasten@terratec.de) and ask them to release any information they can to assist others to write drivers.