TerraTec Cinergy 2400i DVB-T

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A dual-tuner DVB-T PCI-E card sold by Terratec. According to this mailing list post, the hardware is as follows:

  • Tuner #1: THOMSON DTT 75202A (with RF connector)
  • Tuner #2: THOMSON DTT 75207 (with pin RF input)
  • Demodulators: 2x MICRONAS DRX 3975D
  • PCI-Express x1 Bridge: MICRONAS APB 7202A

This card is not currently supported by the open Linux drivers. Terratec are currently working on a Linux driver; the first beta version is expected to be released in week 12, 2006.

However, according to the latest reports (29-5-06) from Terratec, no linux drivers are being developed!