TerraTec Cinergy T PCIe dual

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A dual-tuner DVB-T PCIe card sold by TerraTec. This card appears to be supported from kernel 3.3 by LinuxTV drivers (not confirmed).


This is technically a very interesting card. The hardware is as follows:

  • Tuner #1: microtune mt2063
  • Demodulators #1: drx-3916k DVB-T/Analoge TV
  • Tuner #2: microtune mt2063
  • Demodulators #2: drx-3913k DVB-T/DVB-C
  • PCI Express x1 Bridge: Conexant cx23885


This card is supported from kernel version 3.3 (?). The microtune tuner was merged in kernel version 3.3 (see first submission).

The card itself was added upstream on LinuxTV's git repository on 2011-12-17 and may have been merged upstream.

The first frontend supports only DVB-T, but support for analogue TV is planned for kernel 3.4 or 3.5. The second frontend supports both DVB-T and DVB-C in a multifrontend device (spec's DVB v5 API).