TerraTec Cinergy T Stick

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TerraTec Cinergy T Stick is a USB 2.0 DVB-T device.

Currently not supported by LinuxTV. The manufacturer's Linux page links to vendor driver.

Based on:

  • Afatech AF9035
  • Infineon TUA9001

Install instructions for manufacturer driver

Patch for adding device USB IDs to the manufacturer's driver.

> #define USB_PID_TERRATEC_CINERGY_T			0x0093
< 		.num_device_descs =1,
> 		.num_device_descs =2,
> 			{
> 				.name = "TerraTec Cinergy T-Stick",
> 				.cold_ids = {&af903x_usb_id_table[5], NULL},
> 				.warm_ids = {NULL},
> 			},

Install instructions

  • copy above patch to file (e.g. TerraTec_Cinergy_T-Stick.patch) and save it your home directory
  • download driver from TerraTec support site
wget http://linux.terratec.de/files/Linux-Driver-for-T-Stick.rar
  • extract driver package
unrar x Linux-Driver-for-T-Stick.rar
  • enter driver directory
cd Linux_PC_AF9035_Afatech_2008.12.17/
  • enter driver directory according to your Kernel architecture
    • for 32 bit
cd Linux-32bit_AF9035_20081217/
    • for 64 bit
cd Linux-64bit_AF9035_20081217/
  • extract driver package
tar zxvf AF903x_SRC.tar.gz
  • enter driver directory
cd AF903x_SRC/
  • apply patch (from home directory)
patch af903x-devices.c ~/TerraTec_Cinergy_T-Stick.patch
  • compile
  • install (as root)
make install

Device should work if everything goes correctly. Few distribution specific install commands you may wish use:


su -c "make install"


sudo make install

Driver does support Kernels from 2.6.16 to 2.6.27. If you have newer Kernel then you could try compile it against 2.6.27 headers (cp v4l/kernel-2.6.27/* ./). In that case there is big risk it doesn't work and crashes your Kernel when device is plugged.