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TM6000 Decoder & USB bridge

The TV-Master TM6000 is an integrated Video decoder and USB bridge IC from Trident.

TM6000 based Devices

Driver development in progress:

The following device might work with the driver as well:

If you discover that a device that is not listed here actually works with the driver (see below), please report it to the developers!

Note: according to the Trident SEC filing the TM5400 is PIN compatible with the TM6000 but without a digital TV TS support.

Driver Development


Michel Ludwig (michel.ludwig


A improved driver with analogue TV support is currently being developed. DVB-T seems to be working fairly well in an experimental driver, which can be found on this page.


The hosting of the driver files has been generously provided by François Beerten! Thanks a lot!

Experimental Driver

  • Due to high demand, the experimental driver is now available to the public. It provides basic DVB-T support for devices with the USB Id 14aa:0620.

Disclaimer: The experimental driver was never intended to be released. The code contains lots of ugly hacks and no guarantee can given that it is even working at all. Moreover, despite the fact that the driver has been used for several months, the extremely unlikely case of causing hardware damage cannot be fully excluded! In summary, you are using the driver at your own risk!

Additional Warning: It is recommanded to disconnect the USB stick after having stopped watching TV as there is currently no instruction implemented to disable the decoding of the TV signal.

  • Compilation/Installation Instructions

In short, the driver code needs to be copied into a v4l-dvb tree. More detailed instructions are given below.

Please note that you need the Mercurial version control systems installed on your system.

Step 1: Clone a v4l-dvb tree in a directory of your choice

$hg clone

Step 2: Apply the Makefile patch to the tree (which allows to build the driver later on)

$ cd v4l-dvb
$ wget
$ patch -p1 < tm6000-makefile-dvb-tree.patch

Step 3: Download the driver and extract it

$ cd linux/drivers/media/video/
$ wget
$ tar xvzf tm6000.tar.gz

Step 4: Compile everything

$ cd ../../../../
$ make

Step 5: Install everything

$ su -c "make install"

Step 6: Remove all the V4L/DVB modules that are currently loaded (or alternatively reboot the system) and load the driver module

$ su -c "make rmmod; /sbin/modprobe tm6000"
  • Firmware

The firmware necessary for the device currently needs to be extracted from the driver files on the installation CD.

Step 1: Copy the file "tridvid.sys" from the CD into a directory of your choice

Step 2: Extract the firmware files

$dd if=tridvid.sys ibs=1 skip=145441 count=2632 of=tm6000-firmware1
$dd if=tridvid.sys ibs=1 skip=148089 count=3870 of=tm6000-firmware2

Step 3: Copy the firmware files to the firmware directory

$su -c "cp tm6000-firmware1 /lib/firmware; cp tm6000-firmware2 /lib/firmware"
  • If the compilation and the extraction of the firmware was successful, you should be able to watch TV via DVB-T now! If you want, you can report your geographical location to the developers, so that a list which contains the locations where the driver is working can be kept.

TM6010 based Devices

A new version of the TM6000 is present in some devices :

  • Hauppauge HVR900H
  • Compro VideoMate U2800F .... Article and photos of the PCB:
  • Compro VideoMate U2600F ... This device is almost identical to the U2800F so it may just be cosmetic "Vistarization" of the 2600: The components and PCB look identical to the U2800F above, except the rectangular component; T1, just left of the Intel chip (between it and the usb socket). On the U2800F this appears identical to the only other one on the board; T2 on the RHS side of the Intel chip. On the U2600F, T1 is different (or on mine it is) and is identified by the code TA6C 12000S. The U2600F PCB is identified as 94V-0 and the number 0G9MUH0012 Rev B (This number is obscured on the abovelinked image). Apart from this area (obscured in the above image), the PCB and all the other components are identical. My U2600F reports in WinXP's Device Manager as USB\VID_185B&PID_2600\5&23FD63D6&0&8 and Compro provide the same software and driver package for both models.
  • LifeView "Not Only TV" Hybrid LV5H, Hybrid LV5H Power (Windows drivers for reference to developers)

An experimental driver is available from (currently completely broken - analogue, firmware extraction, etc)

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