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Finally found the home of the TCL tuners. Huizhou in China. The English pages don't respond, so see the product list in Chinese at http://www.tclrf.com/products/m.htm

The TCL2002MB-3 was first discovered on saa7134 cards and recently on cx88 Hauppauge WinTV GO2 models, all use tuner=37 with LG API, the same for TCL2002MI-3 (PAL-I/DK) (cf. http://www.spinics.net/lists/vfl/msg13921.html)

The F variants with radio use the older Philips API, for example tuner=5. The TCL2002MB-1 is supposed to be PAL-BG/DK capable. Don't know if the -3 could indicate any change here, but would not ecpect it, since we have recently also seen the TCL2002MI-3 on a cx88 Hauppauge (cf. http://www.spinics.net/lists/vfl/msg14331.html).

On the other hand the above site shows that we have to be aware of NTSC tuners with tda9885 and also tda9887 with radio like the MFMN05-4 and the full MultiEurope MFPE05-2 (some mismatches on the site).

The WinTV-Express card is a European or UK model, but the Hauppauge WinTV Go Plus looks very much like a PAL-B/G Express 44804 REV D148. Just like this cards, WinTV Express cards in Europe may all be MONO. No MSP34xx...