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List of v4l tuners in the kernel documentation

See Documentation/video4linux/CARDLIST.tuner (this is from 2.6.14)

tuner=0 - Temic PAL (4002 FH5)
tuner=1 - Philips PAL_I (FI1246 and compatibles)
tuner=2 - Philips NTSC (FI1236,FM1236 and compatibles)
tuner=3 - Philips (SECAM+PAL_BG) (FI1216MF, FM1216MF, FR1216MF)
tuner=4 - NoTuner
tuner=5 - Philips PAL_BG (FI1216 and compatibles)
tuner=6 - Temic NTSC (4032 FY5)
tuner=7 - Temic PAL_I (4062 FY5)
tuner=8 - Temic NTSC (4036 FY5)
tuner=9 - Alps HSBH1
tuner=10 - Alps TSBE1
tuner=11 - Alps TSBB5
tuner=12 - Alps TSBE5
tuner=13 - Alps TSBC5
tuner=14 - Temic PAL_BG (4006FH5)
tuner=15 - Alps TSCH6
tuner=16 - Temic PAL_DK (4016 FY5)
tuner=17 - Philips NTSC_M (MK2)
tuner=18 - Temic PAL_I (4066 FY5)
tuner=19 - Temic PAL* auto (4006 FN5)
tuner=20 - Temic PAL_BG (4009 FR5) or PAL_I (4069 FR5)
tuner=21 - Temic NTSC (4039 FR5)
tuner=22 - Temic PAL/SECAM multi (4046 FM5)
tuner=23 - Philips PAL_DK (FI1256 and compatibles)
tuner=24 - Philips PAL/SECAM multi (FQ1216ME)
tuner=25 - LG PAL_I+FM (TAPC-I001D)
tuner=26 - LG PAL_I (TAPC-I701D)
tuner=27 - LG NTSC+FM (TPI8NSR01F)
tuner=28 - LG PAL_BG+FM (TPI8PSB01D)
tuner=29 - LG PAL_BG (TPI8PSB11D)
tuner=30 - Temic PAL* auto + FM (4009 FN5)
tuner=31 - SHARP NTSC_JP (2U5JF5540)
tuner=32 - Samsung PAL TCPM9091PD27
tuner=33 - MT20xx universal
tuner=34 - Temic PAL_BG (4106 FH5)
tuner=35 - Temic PAL_DK/SECAM_L (4012 FY5)
tuner=36 - Temic NTSC (4136 FY5)
tuner=37 - LG PAL (newer TAPC series)
tuner=38 - Philips PAL/SECAM multi (FM1216ME MK3)
tuner=39 - LG NTSC (newer TAPC series)
tuner=40 - HITACHI V7-J180AT
tuner=41 - Philips PAL_MK (FI1216 MK)
tuner=42 - Philips 1236D ATSC/NTSC daul in
tuner=43 - Philips NTSC MK3 (FM1236MK3 or FM1236/F)
tuner=44 - Philips 4 in 1 (ATI TV Wonder Pro/Conexant)
tuner=45 - Microtune 4049 FM5
tuner=46 - Panasonic VP27s/ENGE4324D
tuner=47 - LG NTSC (TAPE series)
tuner=48 - Tenna TNF 8831 BGFF)
tuner=49 - Microtune 4042 FI5 ATSC/NTSC dual in
tuner=50 - TCL 2002N
tuner=51 - Philips PAL/SECAM_D (FM 1256 I-H3)
tuner=52 - Thomson DDT 7610 (ATSC/NTSC)
tuner=53 - Philips FQ1286
tuner=54 - tda8290+75
tuner=55 - LG PAL (TAPE series)
tuner=56 - Philips PAL/SECAM multi (FQ1216AME MK4)
tuner=57 - Philips FQ1236A MK4
tuner=58 - Ymec TVision TVF-8531MF/8831MF/8731MF
tuner=59 - Ymec TVision TVF-5533MF
tuner=60 - Thomson DDT 7611 (ATSC/NTSC)
tuner=61 - Tena TNF9533-D/IF/TNF9533-B/DF
tuner=62 - Philips TEA5767HN FM Radio
tuner=63 - Philips FMD1216ME MK3 Hybrid Tuner
tuner=64 - LG TDVS-H062F/TUA6034
tuner=65 - Ymec TVF66T5-B/DFF
tuner=66 - LG NTSC (TALN mini series)

If your tuner is not detected correctly (you get a black screen, let's say), try inserting the v4l kernel driver with a tuner parameter, for instance:

modprobe bttv tuner=41

This can also be added to the list of modules loaded on boot, sometimes /etc/modules:

saa7134 card=2 tuner=17 oss=1

If you still don't get a picture, ask for help on the video4linux mailing list.

Tuner information

It's generally preferable to place comments on an individual card's tuner quirks in the card's own page, but cross-card tuner-specific information can usefully go here.


TCL tuners are manufactured in Huizhou in China. The English pages don't respond, but see the product list in Chinese.

The TCL2002MB-3 was first discovered on saa7134 cards and recently on cx88 Hauppauge WinTV GO2 models. All use tuner=37 with LG API, and so does TCL2002MI-3 (PAL-I/DK) (cf. discussion on spinics.net)

The F variants with radio use the older Philips API, for example tuner=5. The TCL2002MB-1 is supposed to be PAL-BG/DK capable. Don't know if the -3 could indicate any change here, but would not ecpect it, since we have recently also seen the TCL2002MI-3 on a cx88 Hauppauge (cf. discussion on spinics.net).

On the other hand the above site shows that we have to be aware of NTSC tuners with tda9885 and also tda9887 with radio like the MFMN05-4 and the full MultiEurope MFPE05-2 (some mismatches on the site).


The WinTV-Express card is a European or UK model, but the Hauppauge WinTV Go Plus looks very much like a PAL-B/G Express 44804 REV D148. Just like this cards, WinTV Express cards in Europe may all be MONO. No MSP34xx...

A new Hauppauge WinTV PCI-FM card is here (pci_ids: 14f1:8800, 14f1:8811), using the TCL MFPE05-02 PAL (DK BG I) FM tuner. It just implements mk3 API, you can use philips 1216me mk3 (tuner=38) instead.