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Twinhan Technology Co. Ltd ('TwinHan) is a Taiwanese manufacturer that has produced a plethora of PCI and USB based DVB devices.

TwinHan's foray into Linux originated with closed source bttv drivers (based on the BSD License) for Redhat 9.0. Unfortunately, there was a heavy cross exchange of fire between the bttv authors and the company, and TwinHan subsequently removed Linux as a supported OS from the list of supported platforms.

Since June 2007 Twinhan is delivering linux drivers again for a list of their devices. The supplied drivers are binaries compiled for the i586 platform and activate the CI part on the card which have them. In the archives most of the sources are supplied, probably due to GPL, except the part for the CI-module, probably closed source. So recompiling will not work.

Twinhan devices are sold as OEM and re-branded by several different companies, for example: AzureWave, Hama ,VVMER, Tomato and others.


DVB Devices sold by Twinhan
Model Standard Interface Supported Comments
Twinhan VisionDTV USB Terrestrial DVB-T USB
Twinhan VisionPlus VisionDTV USB-Ter DVB-T DVB-T USB
TwinhanDTV Digital Terrestrial TV Card Ter DVB-T PCI
TwinHan V3021 DVB-T PCI
Twinhan VisionDTV Mini Cab DVB-C PCI DVB-C PCI Yes
TwinhanDTV Cab-CI DVB-C PCI Yes/ No
Twinhan VP-1041 DVB-S2 PCI No
TwinHan AD-AU510 (7241) Hybrid ATSC USB
TwinHan AD-AU500 (7240) Hybrid ATSC USB
TwinHan AD-AP500 (3252) Hybrid ATSC PCI
TwinHan AD-TM500 (704F1) Hybrid DVB-T USB mini card
TwinHan AD-TM510 (3057M) Hybrid DVB-T PCI-E mini card
TwinHan AD-TU501 (704D1) Hybrid DVB-T USB
TwinHan AD-TP500 (3056) Hybrid DVB-T PCI
Twinhan AD-TM200 (7047M) DVB-T USB mini card
Twinhan AD-TU200 (7047) DVB-T USB
TwinHan AD-CP400 (2040+4046) DVB-C PCI
TwinHan AD-SP400 (1041+4046) DVB-S2 PCI
TwinHan AD-SE200 (1028) DVB-S PCI-E
TwinHan AD-SB200 (7022) DVB-S USB
TwinHan AD-SP200 (1027) DVB-S PCI
TwinHan AD-SP300 (1034) DVB-S PCI CI


All the Twinhan DVB-S cards use a LG tuner. If you have a good signal, this tuner is perfectly alright, but in cases of low signals the tuner freaks out..

The tuner has a high phase noise ... ?

Bottom View - The Zarlink SL1925E & the infamous STV0299B

Top View - The chip is the Philips TSA5059T

DVB-S Devices sold by Twinhan
Device Trade Name (on box) Description Firmware / dst_get_device_id
Twinhan VP-1020 PCTV Sat DVB-S Budget PCI card
Twinhan VP-1020A PCTV Sat DVB-S Budget PCI card
Twinhan VP-1022 DTV Mini-Sat DVB-S Budget PCI card DST-03T
Twinhan VP-1025 PCTV Sat DTV Sat-Express DVB-S Budget PCI card DST-03T
Twinhan VP-1030 DVB-S Budget PCI card ?
Twinhan VP-1030A PCTV Sat CI DVB-S Budget PCI card DSTMCI
Twinhan VP-1030C PCTV Sat CI DVB-S Budget PCI card

Firmware id is returned by the card's firmware. You can find this id in the traces. (/var/log/messages) For instance:

Apr 12 08:31:58 localhost kernel: dst_get_device_id: Recognise [DST-CI]

Twinhan clone DVB-S Devices
Brand Device Description Firmware
Digital Rise DTV PCI Sat CI [1] Clone of VP-1032
Hercules Smart TV Satellite Clone of VP-1030 DST-CI
Pinnacle PCTV Sat CI same as Smart TV Satellite?
TechniSat SkyStar1 CI < v3.0 Clone of VP-1032 (VP-1030C) DST-CI
TechniSat SkyStar1 CI v3.0 Clone of VP-1030A DSTMCI

Twinhan card are also sold as OEM by Hama ,VVMER, Tomato...

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