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(Move CityK message to my discussions)
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I'll add something here soon :)
I'll add something here soon :)
Hi JGXenite,
Thanks for the contributions. One thing though, you should have used the 'move' article feature (found to the right of the edit tab) as opposed to creating a new page and copying the old stuff over, and then creating a redirect. As a consequence, I reverted your Mplayer redirect back to the original content. The reason why is, using the 'move' feature preserves all past user contribution history etc. For example, see the history tab for both the old [[Mplayer]] and you new [[MPlayer]] article.
Anyway, when you spot this, message just add your changes to the original "Mplayer" article and then I'll delete the new "MPlayer" article (otherwise you can't use the "move" feature with a identically named article already in place). Then we can properly move Mplayer to MPlayer.
Cheers --[[User:CityK|CityK]] 05:12, 20 April 2007 (CEST)

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I'll add something here soon :)