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TerraTec Cinergy XE; DVB-T USB1.1/USB2.0-Stick

just got such a device. it seems not to be supported in linux (yet). device works fine with the af9005. af9005 is in the linux kernel since some time.

if things are not too difficult, i am going to write a linux module. on this site you'll find a history on what's going on.

i've no experience in linux/dvb and only a little in linux/v4l. any help in this would be very nice!

Thu Jan 18 2007

i got the beast. about 40 euro in austria.

Thu Jan 21 2007

i played with the linux CinergyT2 module -- but found out that everything can be done in the userspace with libusb as well...

Tue Jan 23 2007

got it going in linux/vmware. it's crazy that all this usb stuff works in vmware.

unfort, i see no video. i guess that is because vmware does not emulate a video adaper as such. anyway, i can select channels, hear the audia clearly and can use the teletext.

next step is to get some linux usb sniffer installed and have a look what's going on on the usb bus.

Wed Jan 24 2007

ok. stick is dead -- got a replacement from the shop -- huh.

playing with linux/usbmon and vmware i got the first couple of bytes of the communication. replaying that caused the stick responding with some other usb id!!!

the next step is to open the stick and see what's inside. then, log much more data and compare it.

any idea how to grab all data from the transfers with usbmon?
cat /sys/kernel/debug/usbmon/3t
gives the first 32 bytes only...

Thu Jan 25 2007

hmmm -- unfort usbmon cannot be compiled as a module... tried the latest kernel (2.6.20-rc5) on FC6 with a modified usbmon... -> kernel has problems with SATA on the T60 as soon as vmware is started (had to cd-boot/fsck, uuugh). i'll try 2.6.19.* this night...

Mon Jan 29 2007

i managed to get the firmware uploaded in linux!!! have written some little prg using libusb. it is now possible to upload the firmare in linux, the windows driver (in vmware) will not update it again (so i assume all is correctly in place).

the firmware seems to stay on the stick as long as it is connected and powered to the usb port.

i'll try to upload some more info here in this wiki.

the next step is to find out how this tuning stuff works -- looks pretty complicated...

did some changes on TerraTec Cinergy T USB XE (some docu about firmware)

also, i opened the stick:

  1. TERRATEC Cinergy U1TV 23w 063601
  2. eCERA 20.480 SFS635
  3. HD BF36A1Dc
  4. eCERA 16.000
  5. MT2060F OJF480047J 1406-A4