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In regards to the new version of the DVico Dual Express, can you please create another wiki page for this device. It is a different hardware setup, the changes include a different tuner and possible a few other things (I worked this out from digging in the windows driver). Provide similar details as to what is included in the original page. Ideally Hi Res photos of the card which show the chip labels clearly visible should be included. This will help inspire someone to create the driver for it. That is if the tuner is already supported...



Thanks for the advice, I was a bit hesitant to create the page if it turned out to actually be my mistake that it was different hardware. I've got some photos now.

Cheers, Redcane.

I have one of these cards and since it doesn't work it's pointless me having it. If a developer was willing to contribute the time I could contribute the hardware (provided I get it back after) to help with the development...