V4L TV Viewing

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There is a large number of applications for watching tv; here are a few:

  • kaffeine
  • motv (Motif-based GUI for xawtv)
  • tvtime
  • xawtv (original TV viewer for bttv from Gerd Knorr)
  • zapping (TV viewer for the Gnome desktop)
  • kdetv (TV viewer for the KDE desktop, successor of kwintv)
  • v4l2ucp (Universal control panel for v4l2)

Some users report kaffeine can work even when the others don't.

Common configuration and control commands

1. Control the TV card

  • v4lctl -c /dev/video1 list
  • v4lctl setnorm ntsc-m
  • v4lctl setfreqtab us-cable
  • v4lctl setfreqtab us-bcast
  • v4lctl setchannel 3
  • v4lctl volume mute off
  • v4lctl volume 100
  • v4lctl audio stereo
  • v4lctl -c /dev/video0 setattr 'chroma agc' on (bttv only)
  • v4lctl -c /dev/video0 hue "100%" (or "0%" -- same thing)
  • v4lctl -c /dev/video1 bright "50%"
  • v4lctl -c /dev/video2 contrast "45%"
  • v4lctl -c /dev/video0 color "50%"

2. Test the video

  • xawtv -hwscan
  • xawtv -remote -noxv -c /dev/video0 -vbidev /dev/vbi0

3. Test overlay mode (capture card controls display -- easy on CPU)

  • xawtv -noxv -capture overlay
  • xawtv -v4l1 -capture overlay
  • xawtv -xvtv -capture overlay
  • xawtv -xvtv_overlay on -capture overlay
  • xawtv -xvtv_overlay off -capture overlay

4. Test grabdisplay mode (application controls display -- required for deinterlacing and other effects)

  • xawtv -noxv -capture grabdisplay
  • xawtv -v4l1 -capture grabdisplay
  • xawtv -xvtv -capture grabdisplay
  • xawtv -xvtv_overlay on -capture grabdisplay
  • xawtv -xvtv_overlay off -capture grabdisplay

5. Test streamer

  • streamer -i "S-Video Input"