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Video Disk Recorder Project, initiated by Klaus Schmidinger, which makes your PC a "full-featured" SetTopBox. Requires one of:

Here are some details about using VDR with Multiproto Multiproto#Tuner_.2F_DiSEqC_.2F_Player_support.

VDR source code repository

Recently there has been renewed talk on the VDR mailing list of creating a source code repository, so bringing VDR into line with almost all major open source projects, which use repositories such as git or mercurial to keep track of the many source code updates. See http://linuxtv.org/pipermail/vdr/2008-September/017659.html. The original developer of VDR has so far been hesitant to agree, but developers point to a hiatus of 144 days in development and the exodus of users from the VDR camp (mostly to MythTV) as a reason to modernise the software development process.

As with many personal projects which have reached a certain size there is a choice to be made: either advance and become a modern open-source bazaar-style project with everything that entails (source repository, maintainer hierarchy, release schedule, good regular communication), or don't change and be continue to be overtaken in mind-share by other better-run projects which better satisfy a large community of users and developers. See http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/vdr/2009-January/019185.html.

A read-only git repository has now been created containing the main releases. This makes it easy for community members to create their own VDR developer trees (by cloning) for management of code and merging of changes. See http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/vdr/2008-September/017769.html.

VDR developer:

git clone git://vdr.gekrumbel.de/vdr.git

VDR stable:

git clone git://vdr.gekrumbel.de/vdr.git stable/1.6

You can use 1.0, 1.2. 1.4 for old stable versions too.

There are more git-based VDR plugin projects at


Unfortunately no public repository is being actively used for development of VDR on a patch-by-patch basis. The commits to the git repository are giant code bombs which mirror the tar files on the VDR homepage. This means that the (valuable) granularity of individual patches (and descriptions of them) is not available.

Hopefully the use of git will continue to increase and the VDR community will become less tolerant of the patch madness that has been prevalent for so long.

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