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w_scan is a small command line utility used to perform frequency scans for DVB and ATSC transmissions. It is not included in LinuxTV dvb-apps, but complements the two frequency scanning utilities available through LinuxTV dvb-apps, dvbscan and scan. It is meanwhile replaced by the newer tool w_scan_cpp with similar syntax.

w_scan is capable of directly creating channels.conf files as well as initial tuning data for scan.

Obtaining w_scan

The last w_scan version can be still obtained here. There will be no further updates.


Detailed information can be found in the w_scan man page (i.e. from a console, run man w_scan). Additionally, running w_scan with the -h parameter will produce an output that provides a summary of it's main command line options.

w_scan [options...] >> channels.conf

In general, when using w_scan you should at least specify three parameters: frontend type, country/satellite and output format.

As w_scan was superceeded quite a long time ago, pls refer to the w_scan_cpp page for it's similar syntax.

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