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UVC webcams

gspca driver

  • See gspca devices for a list of supported devices under this framework

Other webcam drivers

(alphabetize by driver)

Many of these are out-of-tree kernel drivers.

  • cpia -- first generation of STM's Color Processor Interface (ASIC) Cpia
    • Included in mainline kernel
    • Supports a large number of USB devices by Aiptek, Creative, Digicom, Dynalink, Ezonics, Intel, Microtek, Pace, SuperCam, TCE, Terracom, Trust, Utobia, ZoomCam
    • Supports some parallel port devices by Creative, CVideo, CU-SeeMe, Digicom, and ZoomCam
  • cpia2 -- second generation of STM's Color Processor Interface (ASIC)
    • Included in mainline kernel from 2.6.18
    • Supports the QX5 USB microscope, the Swann Versacam MINI webcam, and other devices using the second generation of STM's Color Processor Interface (ASIC)
  • em2880
    • Supports the Videology 20K14XUSB webcam and cameras using Micron mt9v011 and mt9m001 sensors.
    • Included in mainline kernel from 2.6.18 (em28xx)
  • et61x251
    • Supports Etoms ET61X151 or ET61X251-based USB cameras
    • Included in mainline kernel
  • icm532
  • m560x -- ALi M560(2/3) driver with various sensors attached
    • No properly working driver yet
  • meye -- the Sony Vaio PictureBook Motion Eye Camera Driver
    • Included in 2.4 and 2.6 kernels -- see documentation
    • Supports the second version of the MotionEye camera (PCI vendor/device 0x136b/0xff01)
    • A driver for the third version is being written, see r-engine below
  • nw802
  • ov511
    • setov511 -- a configuration utility for ov511 based webcams
  • pwc -- the new driver
  • qce-ga/qc-usb
    • Kernel module package available in
    • Supports Logitech Quickcam Express, LegoCam, Dexxa Webcam, Labtec Webcam (old model), Logitech QuickCam Notebook (some models)
  • quickcam
  • r-engine
    • Aims to support Sony Vaio Picturebooks (model PCG-C1M* and newer, PCI vendor/device 0x10cf/0x2011)
  • r5u870
    • Supports webcams of the Ricoh family, fails to control brightness, gamma and contrast
    • Maybe to be substituted by r5u87x
  • se401
  • sqcam
    • Supports webcams based on the sq905 chip, such as Volcano DG640E, Nexxtech Micro Digital Camera, Umax (Yamada) Astranugget; may work with Mito DG640E, Mitek CD10, Mitek 30P, GTW Electronics/ ShuoYing, Industrial(ShenZhen)Co.,Ltd SY-2102, Condord Eye-Q Easy / Eye Q Easy Too, Che-ez Snap, Hercules DualPix, Argus DC-1512, DC-1510, Gear to go, Magpix B350, Jenoptik JD 350, Concord Eye-Q Easy, PockCam
  • Sonix SN9C10x
    • Available in the latest kernels as sn9c102
    • Supports webcams based on the sn9c102 chip, such as the Genius VideoCam NB
    • Another driver was in development here sonix
    • sn9c101 -- patch for Trust Spacec@m
  • SN9C* open source Microdia drivers under development
    • Shall be equivalent to SN9CXXX below
  • SN9CXXX (non-open source)
    • Driver for SN9C101, SN9C102, SN9C102P, SN9C103, SN9C105, SN9C110, SN9C120, SN9C201, SN9C202
    • for example 0c45:624f from Microdia
  • stk11xx
    • Aims to support Syntek DC-1125/1135 cams
  • stv680 -- SANE backend
  • sty0680
  • tv8532
  • w9968cf -- included in the kernel
  • zr364xx
    • Supports the webcam mode of cameras based on the ZR364xx chips from wendors like Aiptek, Concord, Creative, Genius, Maxell, Fujifilm, Ricoh, Pentacon, Mustek, Konica, Umax etc.
  • zc0301 -- included in the kernel
    • Supports Z-Start/Vimicro ZC0301-based USB cameras
  • zc0302

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