X3M digital S.A.

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X3M Digital SA has sales and support offices in Holland, Germany, Poland and Ukraine. They currently produce a range of DVB, analogue and hybrid cards for PCI, PCIe, USB, ExpressCard and standalone applications.

Supported Cards

X3M report on their own site that some of their cards support Linux. This will be verified as soon as is practicable.

PCI Cards

  • SPC1000 - A satellite DVB tuner
  • HPC2000 - A Hybrid DVB-T/analogue tuner

USB Devices

Unsupported Cards

Again, these cards are unsupported according to the X3M website.

PCI Cards

PCIe Cards

  • HPCe2100 - A hybrid DVB-T/analogue/FM tuner

USB Devices

  • HU2200 - A hybrid DVB-T/analogue tuner

ExpressCard/34 Devices

  • HE2500 - A Hybrid DVB-T/analogue tuner

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