Zoran zr3612x

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A family of PCI interface chipsets from Zoran.

  • Members to this chipset family include the zr36120 and zr36125
  • Produced in the mid to late 1990s.
  • Much like the Philips SAA7146 chip, the zr3612x are simply multimedia bridges to the PCI bus.
  • Requires external A/V Decoder like Philips SAA7110/SAA7111
  • May be equipped with MPEG decoders (e.g., ZR36100/ZR36110), MPEG audio decoders (e.g., CS4920, SAA2502) and video encoders (e.g., SAA7188, MD0207).

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  • A copy of the zr36120 datasheet can be obtained from here or here