Television with Linux

The LinuxTV project develops and maintains the media driver Linux Kernel Subsystems, which consists of devices for webcams, analog TV, digital TV and remote controllers. The video4linux subsystem was included on Kernel 2.2, and the dvb and remote controller subsystems was included in the 2.6 Kernel. The Linux kernel and the LinuxTV git tree include a fair number of drivers for commonly available PCI cards and USB devices, but the subsystems are also targeted towards Linux based set-top-boxes and embedded devices, like mobile phones.



Report of the Media Summit in Düsseldorf, Oct, 17-18 2014

We had our second 2014's Media Summit on Oct, 17-18 in Düsseldorf.

In the name of the organizing committee, I'd like to thank you all for being there with us during those two days.

There were several good discussions that happened during the meeting, aimed to improve even more the Linux media subsystem.

Also, it was agreed during the meeting that we'll try to reach an even broader audience on the next events. So we're counting with all you on our next year's event(s).


The notes taken during the meeting is available here.



Report of the V4L/DVB mini-summit in San Jose, May 3rd 2014

The first 2014 Linux Media mini-summit happened in San Jose, CA, USA, on May 3rd 2014. The notes taken during the meeting is available here.


2014-03-24   Media mini-summit on May, 2 in San Jose

The next Linux Media Mini Summit will happen on May, 2 in San Jose, CA, USA, just after the Embedded Linux Conference


2013-11-30   Edinburgh's KS2013 Media Workshop Notes

During KS/2013, there was the Linux Kernel Media Workshop in 2013. The final notes of the summit is available.

Presentations for the topics discused there are available here.