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Currently, the main development mailing list is hosted at To subscribe, just send an email to, with the body of the email containing subscribe linux-media. You may just click here to ask your mailer for generating such email.

We also use a separate mailing list to discuss media workshops and summits.

The archives are a available on a few sites:

Subscription on the lists hosted at

In order to contribute to the development, you can subscribe to one of the mailinglists via the Mailman interface.

List archives

We changed the mailing list software from Ecartis to GNU Mailman on Feb. 12 2005, and we now use the list archives integrated into Mailman. Unfortunately this means that the older list archives are not available anymore.

Note: You might find archives for some of the lists elsewhere on the net, e.g. on or

Mailman3 lists (archives starting from Feb. 12, 2005):

Mailing List (ML)StatusComments
vdractiveAbout Klaus Schmidinger's Video Disk Recorder VDR and other tools to receive, convert and stream DVB.
linuxtv-commitsactiveAnnounce emails with patches merged upstream. Currently, we don't archive the contents of this ML anymore.
mpeg2inactiveOld ML about the driver for the Kfir MPEG2 encoder board.
V4L2-libraryinactiveOld ML that contains the initial discussions about v4l-utils.

Old mailman2 lists - archives currently unavailable:

media-workshopinactiveOld ML used for media workshop/summit discussions. Discussions are happening at
linux-dvbinactiveOld DVB ML. Replaced by
linux-dvdinactiveOld DVD ML. Not used anymore.
linuxtv-cvsinactiveCommit mails on CVS
linuxtv-softmpeginactiveOld ML used to discuss about development of the ffmpeg/libavcodec based software MPEG decoder library libsoftmpeg.

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