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[linux-dvb] Budget IR remote clash

Has anyone given any thought to tweaking the IR code in the budget driver to avoid clashes between remote controls?
I have a Meridian CD player which seems to give out lots of codes that match the left and right arrow keys from the Hauppague grey remote, and it's gettting annoying. I would like to have a bash at this, but I'm not quite sure I understand how the driver code reads the IR signal

Just from eyeballing the code I suspect that this line:
unsigned int code = budget_debiread4(saa, DEBINOSWAP, 0x1234, 2) >> 8; msp430_ir_interrupt is the one responsible for throwing away the extra useful bits. Presumably masking it off instead of simply loosing the bits will fix the issue.

Before I dive in, has anyone looked into this, and are there any pitfalls to beware of?

Thanks for any advice

Ed W

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