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[vdr] Re: vdr and motorised dish

Hi Tomas and everybody interested.

If you have a STAB or compatible rotor with diseqc 1.2 you can use rotor-plugin-0.0.4 (from Klaus plugin page). With this plugin you can move the rotor, save the positions, recall a position. It also permits a recalc but it seems to not be working. Remember to define all satellites in diseqc.conf.

If your rotor supports USALS or what someone calls diseqc 1.3, 1.2 enhanced or GotoXX, please wait another week or two......

PS: there was a patch on the list last week for GotoXX support for vdr-1.3.3. It works only for little movements from your south.

Tomas Prybil wrote:

I've seen fragments of discussions regarding motorised dishes.
However I lack a *complete* picture of what's possible with current driver,vdr and diseqc.

Any hints or pointers are much appreciated!

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