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[vdr] Re: DXR3 plugin compilation problem with vdr-1.3.20 and dvdplugin patches from CVS [was] problems playing DVDs

>> The only acceptable fix ist to add an implementation of
>> cDxr3SpuDecoder::getScaleMode() returning the value
>> cDxr3SpuDecoder::setScaleMode()is storing in the DRX3 plugin.
>Right, well I'll have a go and report back if I have any success.

how about adding ...
in line ~80 of dxr3SpuDecoder.h (class cDxr3SpuDecoder):

+    cSpuDecoder::eScaleMode getScaleMode(void);

and in line ~305 of dxr3SpuDecoder.c:

+ // ==================================
+ cSpuDecoder::eScaleMode cDxr3SpuDecoder::getScaleMode(void)
+ {
+     return scaleMode;
+ }

Of cause all untested, but based on very basic c/c++   ;-)

>> Seems down ...
>> So no detailed advice were to add the code ...

Strange, it seemed down when I've tried, but now I can access it ...

regards        Peter

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