LinuxTV IRC channels changed

From now on, the main IRC channel will be #linux-media at

As reported by in and, Freenode, the largest IRC network and the home of our IRC channels, is embroiled in a messy dispute. There are several of reports from other Open Source communities mentioning problems with their channels:

Freenode has been a very important supporting service. Yet, LinuxTV users and developers should feel comfortable to work in a safe environment. So, after careful consideration, we have decided that Freenode is not suitable to host the LinuxTV community IRC communication channels anymore.

On the bright side, this is an opportunity for us to unify our IRC channels. Due to historical reasons, we used to have two separate channels, one for V4L, and the other one for DVB. Since then, the media subsystem has gained support for remote controllers, software radio and HDMI CEC, but there was no clear indication about what channel would be used for those types of devices.

So, from now on, we’d like to announce that:

  1. We’re moving our IRC channels to this weekend (May 29-30).

  2. A single channel will be used for all media-related discussions: #linux-media.

The #linux-media channel is the community discussion space on IRC, is intended for both Linux Kernel media users and developers to have general discussions related to the subsystem. It can also be used to discuss about related userspace tools that rely at the Linux Kernel media subsystem support.

As a reminder, all communication at LinuxTV IRC channels and via e-mail should be polite and respectful, and be pertinent to the LinuxTV community discussions.

Additionally, IRC communications are subject to the policies adopted by OTFC, in particular:

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