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Some of the VDR ebuilds have been added to the portage tree of, but the main part of them is in the german CVS of

If you want to use portage for the VDR Ebuilds, you can use the PORTAGE_OVERLAY functionality by following the steps below:

The program layman can manage your PORTAGE_OVERLAY automatically.

emerge layman

In /etc/make.conf paste at the bottom the following:

source /usr/portage/local/layman/make.conf

Now add the gentoo-de overlay to layman:

layman -a gentoo-de

Sync now and do so when you want to update..

layman -s gentoo-de

Don't forget to emerge --sync, many of the VDR Ebuilds are now in the main Gentoo Portage tree.


[1] Portage snapshots