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There are two possible ways to avoid searching for and re-installing VDR plugins after every update of VDR.

Ebuild user

vdrplugin-rebuild [options] action [category/package]
Version: 0.1

Where options are:
        -X       - Emerge based on package names,
                   not exact versions.
        -C       - Disable all coloured output.

Where action is one of:
        add      - Add package to vdrplugindb.
        del      - Delete a package from vdrplugindb.
        toggle   - Toggle auto-rebuild of Package.
        list     - List packages to auto-rebuild.
        rebuild  - Rebuild packages.
        populate - Populate the database with any
                   packages which currently install
                   plugins for vdr.

Thus a simple

vdrplugin-rebuild rebuild

is sufficient to recompile all plugins.

Non-ebuild user

Hier ein kurzer Schnipsel Code mit dem dies auch möglich ist. Here is a short code snippet make this also possible

ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" /usr/bin/emerge -p \
  $(/usr/bin/epm -qa|/bin/grep vdrplugin |/bin/awk -F'-' '{printf("%s-%s ",$1,$2)}')

With the -p, only a list of affected plugins is shown. Remove it for the actual installation.