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LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control) is a software to control ones computer through nearly every (unused) remote control. Therefor a small electronic device is necessary. You can buy one for ca. 15 Euro, or you can build your own. It consists of only a few components and schematics are on the LIRC homepage.


Cable length

The length of the cable between receiver and computer can be up to 25m.

Parallel operation of two LIRC receiver

It is possible to operate LIRC with two infrared receiver devices at one COM port. But not independently from one another, only in parallel.

                 o +12V 
                | | 10k
                | |
Output 1         |   Input
Output 2         |

Ground               Ground


[1] LIRC projekt homepage
[2] Detailed construction manual with source for a complete infrared receiver
[3] Commercial infrared receiver (~ 14 Euro)