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Mainboard sizes in descending order:

  • ATX (Intel 1996; 305 mm x 244 mm)
  • mini-ATX (284 mm x 208 mm)
  • micro-ATX (1996; 244 mm x 244 mm)
  • flex-ATX (1999; 244 x 244 mm max.)
  • mini-ITX (VIA Technologies 2003; 170mm x 170mm max.; 100W max.)
  • nano-ITX (VIA Technologies 2004; 120mm x 120mm max.)

additionally there are some unusual sizes, i.e. Barebones or HTPCs.

Most of these form factors are upwards compatible, for example, you can use a mini-ITX board in micro-ATX case.

Power supply has to be mainboard compatible!

Additionally mainboard defines usable CPU types, amount and type of RAM and available PCI card slots.

mini-ITX and nano-ITX form factors are standards made by VIA and have the CPU directly soldered on board. These boards are available up to 800MHz fanless.