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Author: W. Koehler

This plugin scans for channels on

  • DVB-T
  • DVB-C
  • DVB-S/S2
  • pvrinput


channel scan


  • Settings->Plugins->wirbelscan->Settings (yellow)
  • choose scan type:
    • DVB-T
    • DVB-C
    • DVB-S
    • pvrinput
  • choose country setting (DVB-T, DVB-C and pvrinput) or satellite in case of DVB-S/S2
  • choose scan options:
    • FTA
    • crypted
    • TV
    • Radio
  • use OK or Back to get previous menue.
  • start scan with Start (green). NOTE: enshure that no timers are on schedule.


  • the plugin is able to work without channels (channels.conf 0 bytes)
  • a scan may take up to 30 minutes (or even longer)
    • DVB-T ~ 3 min
    • DVB-C ~ 25 min (symbolrate=AUTO, QAM=AUTO)
    • DVB-C ~ 4,5 min (symbolrate=6900, QAM=64)
    • DVB-C ~ 5 min (symbolrate=6900, QAM=256)
    • DVB-S ~ 30 min (Astra 19,2E)
    • pvrinput ~ 5min
  • if DVB-C symbolrate and modulation ('QAM') are known and defined in settings, the scan can be speed up
  • signal quality influences scan time and probability to find all channels
  • some DVB cards need explizit Inversion setting: try "AUTO/OFF" and "AUTO/ON"

SVDRP commands

  • since version 0.0.3, commands with note 1) since 0.0.5-pre12
Parameter Description
S_TERR Start DVB-T scan.
svdrpsend.pl plug wirbelscan s_terr
S_CABL Start DVB-C scan.
svdrpsend.pl plug wirbelscan s_cabl
S_SAT Start DVB-S scan.
svdrpsend.pl plug wirbelscan s_sat
S_PVR Start PVRx50 scan.
svdrpsend.pl plug wirbelscan s_pvr
S_START Start scan 1)
svdrpsend.pl plug wirbelscan s_start
S_STOP Stop scan
svdrpsend.pl plug wirbelscan s_stop
SETUP <verb:log:type:inv_t:inv_c:srate:qam:cidx:sidx:s2:atsc:flags> change plugin setup 1)

verb - verbosity (0..5)
log - logfile (0=OFF, 1=stdout, 2=syslog)
type - scan type (0=DVB-T, 1=DVB-C, 2=DVB-S/S2, 3=pvrinput, 4=pvrinput FM, 5=ATSC)
inv_t - DVB-T inversion (0=AUTO/OFF, 1=AUTO/ON)
inv_c - DVB-C inversion (0=AUTO/OFF, 1=AUTO/ON)
srate - DVB-C Symbolrate (0..15)
qam - DVB-C modulation (0=AUTO, 1=QAM64, 2=QAM128, 3=QAM256, 4=ALL)
cidx - country list index (Germany = 80)
sidx - satellite list index (S19.2E = 6, S23.5E = 8)
s2 - enable DVB-S2 (0=OFF, 1=ON)
atsc - ATSC scan type (0=VSB, 1=QAM, 2=VSB+QAM)
flags - bitwise flag of TV=1, RADIO=2, FTA=4, SCRAMBLED=8, HDTV=16

svdrpsend.pl plug wirbelscan setup 3:1:1:0:0:0:0:80:6:1:0:31
STORE Store Setup 1)
svdrpsend.pl plug wirbelscan store
LSTC List Country IDs 1)
svdrpsend.pl plug wirbelscan lstc
LSTS List Satellite IDs 1)
svdrpsend.pl plug wirbelscan lsts
QUERY Query plugin version, setup values, plugin service API 1)
svdrpsend.pl plug wirbelscan query

use ssh/putty or vdradmin, i.e. "plug wirbelscan s_pvr"


Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-p --use-pvrinput activate pvrinput support (default: off). since 0.0.7

Software Requirements

  • pvrinput plugin (only if pvrscan needed)



Latest Version

Latest Version


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