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The VDR ebuilds are no official Gentoo ebuilds, and are therefor maintained in the german CVS of

Automatic method

One can avoid the detour with the CVS tree of Berlios and directly use

emerge sync

Therefor /etc/make.conf get the following entry


and the entry: PORTAGE_OVERLAY can (if present) be deleted.

NOTE: The gentoo-merged Tree become outdatet, the Server is switched off in May 2005

English user, sorry 4 my bad english, i translated this by google. Please set it in correkt form and remove this line :)

For one Portage Tree function use the PORTAGE_OVERLAY after the following guidance

Around ebuilds too comfortably to update you used gensync

emerge gentoolkit-dev
mkdir -p /usr/local/gentoo-de

in /etc/gensync/gentoo-de.syncsource write

description=" Portage Overlay"
# mirror is the none with all VDR ebuilds!!!
# overlay="/my/absolute/path"

Now you can download our Ebuilds by means of gensync, and later also with the same command current to keep.

gensync gentoo-de

PORTDIR_OVERLAY Variable in /etc/make.conf


Manual method

To use this ebuilds, they have to be brought in the Gentoo system manually. Sadly, there is no mechanism like emerge sync. The ebuild are downloaded as tarballs from

1) wget "" -O ebuilds.tar.gz

To use specific ebuilds, there exists the portage variable PORTDIR_OVERLAY in the file /etc/make.conf. This variable should be set to /usr/local/portage (default).

2) vi +/PORTDIR_OVERLAY /etc/make.conf

Now the tarball should be unpacked and the files moved to the appropiate locations

3) mkdir /usr/local/portage
4) tar xfvz ebuilds.tar.gz -C /usr/local/portage
5) mv /usr/local/portage/ebuilds/* /usr/local/portage/

Try emerge -p vdr. Something like this should be the result

[ebuild  N   ] media-video/linuxdvb-1.0.0_pre2
[ebuild  N   ] media-video/vdr-1.1.26

To update the ebuild the steps 1, 4 and 5 are sufficient.

  • Linux Portage tree mirror
  • and Linux Portage tree mirror


[1] Portage snapshots