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TDA827x are a family of tuner ICs from NXP/Philips. They have been superceded by the newer NXP/Philips TDA182xx family which offer improved performance and better support for bandwidths associated with HD content.


A tuner IC from NXP (part of Philips) for US cable frequencies.


A tuner IC from NXP (part of Philips) for non-US cable frequencies.


A tuner IC from NXP (part of Philips), combining the features of TDA8270 and TDA8271, allowing manufacturers to realise one design worldwide. Often marked as NXP 8274AC1.


A tuner IC from NXP (part of Philips) for terrestrial analogue frequencies. Often marked as NXP 8275AC1.


An update to the TDA8275. It is pin compatible and supposedly backwards compatible with the TDA8275 although forum reports suggest that the TDA8275 Linux driver doesn't (currently) work correctly with the TDA8275A.

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