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* [Wikipedia:ATSC|ATSC on Wikipedia]
* http://www.atsc.org/
* http://www.coolstf.com/mpeg/index.html

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The Terrestrial Transmission Standard used in the U.S. and some parts of southern/central America. Transmits MPEG2 Streams but uses a slightly different modulation scheme called 8VSB.

It has been kind of a holy war whether DVB-T or ATSC is technically more advanced. For an analysis see e.g. http://www.atsc.org/news_information/papers/1999_vsb_cofdm_comparison/ICCE99paper.PDF.

For a technical introduction to U.S. Digital TV systems see e.g. http://www.coolstf.com/mpeg/index.html.


  • [Wikipedia:ATSC|ATSC on Wikipedia]