Brooktree Bt848

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A PCI interface chipset from Brooktree that provides video decoder functionality.

It is supported under Linux by the bttv kernel driver module.


The Bt848 chip was used by many analog cards produced in the mid 1990's; which collectively help constitute the Bttv devices categorization.

Both the Bt848A and Bt849A chip variations included all the features of Bt848 while adding support for a few more functions (summarized in the table below).

Bt848 video decoder family comparison
Featured Bt848 Bt848A Bt849A
Composite, S-Video multi-standard Video Decoder
and PCI bus master
Yes Yes Yes
Peaking, single crystal operation, &
digital camera support
- Yes Yes
WST (European encoding for Teletext) decoding support - - Yes

The Bt848 would also become the basis for several other successive decoder chipsets, beginning with the Brooktree Bt878; which themselves would also prove to be widely utilized.

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