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* [http://www.easylite-shop.com/products/14021_E.htm Easylite website]
* [http://www.easylite-shop.com/products/14021_E.htm Easylite website]
[[Category:DVB-T USB Devices]]

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Front side PCB
Back side PCB

A DVB-T USB stick from Easylite.

Does it work under Linux?


Available in Germany (end of 2007). It has a IR sensor and is delivered with a IR remote control.

The LifeView LR506 is similar but not identical.

Components Used

  • NXP/Philips 8275AC1 (tuner)
  • NXP/Philips TDA10046A (demodulator)
  • ULi M9206 (USB bridge)


lsusb -v output:

Making it Work



Sample kernel output

relevant output from dmesg:

Remote Control Support

External Links