FF Rev. 1.5 DVB-S Cards

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TechniSat SkyStar 1, a DVB-S Rev. 1.5 Card

A, so called, "full-featured", revision 1.5, DVB-S PCI card.

This design was sold by several different vendors, including:


Compared to other Revisions:

  • Sounds better (has 101dB dynamic at 24bit)
  • uses LNBP16 (not LNBP13) => 650mA (was: 500mA) for LNB
  • symbolrates: 1-45 Mbaud
(stv0299/ALPS BSRU6(tsa5059))
 features: decoder, partialts
 card driver: dvb-ttpci
 interface: PCI
 PCI device id: 1131:7146
 PCI subsystem id: 0x13c2:0x0000
 audio DAC: Crystal CS4341 
 frontend possibility 1:
   tin box: ALPS BSRU6
   frontend driver: stv0299
   demodulator location: tin box
   demodulator: ST stv0299b @0x68
   PLL: Philips tsa5059 @0x61

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