KWorld Studio TV Terminator

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The KWorld Studio TV Terminator (which also goes by the name Global TV Terminator) is based on the SAA7131E Chipset. It's officially supported by the 2.6.13 Linux kernel. The card is almost fully functional under v4l. PAL-N (used in Uruguay and Argentina) is not directly supported, but PAL-Nc can be used instead. The remote control uses the kernel input layer. The card does not have an eeprom so it is necessary to pass card=65 and possibly tuner=54 as options to the saa7134 kernel module.

Setup for tvtime is as follows:

Modify /etc/modprobe.conf or /etc/modprobe.d/saa7134 by adding this line:

options saa7134 card=65 tuner=54

Then, reload the module, as well as the tuner:

rmmod saa7134 tuner
modprobe saa7134 card=65 tuner=54

If this doesn't work in Ubuntu because of saa7134_alsa, modify /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist by adding this line, and try the above again:


Then, to take care of permissions do the following:

chown user ~/.tvtime/
chmod 700 ~/.tvtime/
chmod 644 ~/.tvtime/stationlist.xml
chmod 644 ~/.tvtime/tvtime.xml

Then, pass NORM (i.e. PAL-NC) and frequency table (i.e. us-broadcast) to tvtime-configure. If your frequency table is not available try:

tvtime-scanner --norm=NORM

Then, enjoy la tele uruguaya!