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Kaffeine is a very versatile KDE media player that, by default, utilizes Xine as its backend. It has a simple but intuitive interface (example screenshot) and is easy to setup. Amongst its list of supported formats are CDDA, VCD, DVD, .... and, since versions >0.5, it also provides full DVB support:

  • Time Shifting
  • Recording -- including unattended recording
  • Streaming
  • EPG
  • AC3
  • DVB subtitles
  • HDTV (mpeg2)
  • Remote control
  • Handles multiple devices of any type (DVB-{C,S,T} and ATSC1 ).... and even if you have only one DVB device, Kaffeine can simultaneously play and record different channels within a same transponder)
  • Diseqc 1.x switches and rotors.
  • Supports both Low and High level CI.

Note 1: Scanning is currently not supported with ATSC hardware. Presently, to configure tuning support for ATSC devices, refer to the directions contained in this thread.