LifeView TV Walker Twin DVB-T (LR540)

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LifeView TV Walker Twin | DVB-T-USB-Receiver


  • Coming soon

Used ICs

  • ULi M9206
  • TDA 10046A (2 of them)
  • TDA 8275a (2 of them)


  • dvb-usb-m920x


Unsupported. See linux-dvb mailing list for more details.

Technical Details

The M9206 chip handles two demodulators and two tuners.

The demodulators are located at i2c addresses 0x10 and 0x16.

The tuner addresses are unknown.

People who own such a device

feel free to add yourself here, testers will always be needed!

Name Email
Nick Andrew nick-linuxtv at nick-andrew dot net