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Some manufacturers of PC DVB devices
Vendor Devices
Artec dutch Company, sells a DVB-T USB device
AVerMedia taiwanese Company, sells DVB PCI cards
COMPRO taiwanese Company, sells analogue TV and DVB-T USB devices
DiBcom french Company, sells DVB-T demodulators for mobile usage
DVICO korean Company, produces DVB and ATSC PCI cards
Elgato german Company, produces Firewire DVB devices
Fujitsu-Siemens designed one of the first DVB cards, also the Activy
HAMA german Company, re-sells DVB PCI and USB devices (Twinhan)
Hauppauge sells e.g. Technotrend Cards
KNC1 german Company, produces DVB PCI cards
KWorld taiwanese Company, sells DVB PCI and USB devices
LeadTek  ????
Nebula Electronics Ltd. british Company, produces DVB PCI and USB devices
pcHDTV U.S. Company, produces an HDTV ATSC card with explicit Linux Support
Technisat german Company, sells PCI and USB Cards, SetTopBoxes
Technotrend german Designhouse, cards are e.g. sold by Hauppauge
TerraTec german Company, produces and sells Audio, Video and analog and digital TV peripherals
Twinhan taiwanese Company, sells DVB PCI and USB devices