MSI TV@nywhere A/D NB

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MSI TV@nywhere A/D NB

A DVB-T PCMCIA (CardBus) device from MSI.


Features working on Debian Etch with 2.6.20 Kernel

  • DVB-T
  • Analog video capture via composite input (port 3, Composite 2)
  • Analog audio capture via alsa (adds a new soundcard, for me it was device hw:1,0)

Not working

  • Analog tv


  • Radio
  • IR Remote


Works with mplayer, kaffeine and mp4live (for streaming, but video crashes after some minutes)


Load / build these kernel modules (not sure if you need all of them):

  • saa7134_empress
  • saa7134_alsa
  • saa7134_dvb
  • video_buf_dvb
  • saa7134
  • tda1004x
  • dvb_pll
  • saa6752hs
  • videodev
  • v4l2_common
  • tuner

Then you can perform a station scan via kaffeine or scan.


For this card I used these parameters in /etc/modprobe.d/saa713x:

alias char-major-81 videodev
alias char-major-81-0 saa7134
options saa7134 card=94 tuner=67

External Links

  • [ MSI product page]