Mercury TV Tuner card PAL/Mecury EzView tuner card (Philips chipset)

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An very good cheap analog PCI card from Mercury/Kobian. This card is also marketed now as Mecury Ezview tuner card(Philips chipset). This is not to be confused with the original Mercury EzView tuner card which is based on the Conexxant chipset.


A good Tv tuner card based on Philips/NXP saa7130 chipset with PAL tuner. May be there are other tuner versions too on different markets.

The picture quality of this card is very good when compared to other analog Standard defintion tv tuner cards, considering the fact that it is very cheap.


sudo lspci -v

Current Status

There are two variants of cards based on saa7130 from Mercury(Kobian). One type is with EEPROM and one is without( Rev.H and later)

All are clones of Flyvideo 2000 TV card. The earlier versions with EEPROM will get detected Right away without any effort and all you have to do is install tvtime or other tv viewing software and the quality of video is superb.

The latest versions need this options passed to modprobe.

Making it work

If the card is not detected automatically then please follow the below steps to make it work.

To make this work create a config file: /etc/modprobe.conf/mercury.conf and put the following line in it. Try with different tuner values depending on your region.

options saa7134 card=3 tuner=1

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